Many homes in the UK suffer from condensation and damp, which can affect your Health, and Health of your home.

Condensation occurs when excess moisture can’t leave the house. The air holds on to a lot of moisture, however when too much moisture is present, the air can no longer hold on, and this moisture turns to water vapour, and condensates on areas that are cold, such as windows or uninsulated walls

Some of the reasons for condensation or Mould

Water penetration, through cracked render, leaking gutters, roof damage or leaking pipework.

Uninsulated walls become a cold spot for moisture.

Poor quality insulation – Many home in the UK have been insulated, but until recently insulation companies have only started to address interstitial condensation, this is where thermal bridging occurs due to not insulating 100% of the property. This is common and can be addressed with ventilation.

Poor Ventilation – When testing current ventilation systems, we have seen many fans in Bathrooms and Kitchens are just not up top the job. Just because you have an Extract fan does not mean it works, some fans are that poor they offer no extract rates at all, and this is usually because the fans are cheap or not installed correctly.

When we complete a ventilation survey we address all the above issues, completing a building conditioning report and ventilation survey

During this survey we check points where water penetration occurs, and complete ventilation calculations to check the extract rate needed to ensure your home is healthy, and the stale moist air is extracted correctly

We will make recommendations to improve your home comfort

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A Full ventilation survey and Building condition report costs just £99