Boiler & Floor Insulation Grants

You will qualify for this funding if you meet the relevant Criteria

Must Own and Live in the house

• Boiler must be over 7 years Old

• Someone in the house must claim benefits, or Live in Conwy or Flintshire and qualify for their Flex scheme ( We can check this but you do not have to claim benefits)

Boiler funding is now financially more, if installed after a primary measure ( Floor, or wall Insulation)

The energy companies who fund this scheme are not keen on funding single measure Boilers any more, and offer much better funding if you install floor insulation first ( Or External or Internal Wall Insulation)

Floor Insulation is usually the only primary measure that can be installed for FREE, the other primary measures require significant contributions

If Floor insulation and a replacement Combi boiler is installed, they will both normally be FREE for both measures

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Firstly we can only install Floor insulation on a suspended floor, if your downstairs floor concrete unfortunately this does not apply

How do I know if the floor down stairs is suspended?

A suspended floor is where you have wooden floorboards underneath your carpet or laminate, normally it can sound hollow, or you can feel air through the gaps
If you are still not sure then check your EPC on this website by clicking here
There are 2 ways to install Floor insulation.

From Below

This will require at least 600mm ( 0.6 Metres) room from the bottom of your joists to the ground, we can drop below and fix the insulation with netting to the underneath or your floor boards
You will be required to ensure there is room, and make sure we have access before we turn up ( We can check this on the survey if your unsure)
Fitting floor insulation can help stop heat loss by around 15% and also stop cold air blowing up through the gaps
This can make a big impact to your heating bills,and comfort of the house 

Installing from above

If there is no room below, or there is no access, then the only other way to install the insulation from above
This will be a bit more work
Before we arrive you will need the room empty, and also the carpets or floor covering rolled back or removed
We also require the floor boards to be lifted.  This is an easy job for a joiner, and many of our customers remove these themselves as its relatively straightforward
In order to get the insulation and Boiler installed for free, it may be worth you employing a joinder for half a day, to take the boards up before we arrive, and then to replace them once the insulation is down
To fit the Insulation from above takes about 45 minutes to an hour per room, so if you are employing a joiner they won’t be waiting long before having to replace them
Normally the joiner can arrive first, take up the first floor, and whilst we fit that rooms insulation can start on the next room if there is more than one room being installed
It will take half a day start to finish so the upheaval is very short and neat 
Some people have a mixture of solid floor and wooden
We have to insulate 50% of the total downstairs area so if part of it is solid then that’s fine, as long as the area we are insulating is  more than 50% of the Total area
We also have to insulate 100% of the wooden floor area
If your happy to have your floors insulated, as long as you’re prepared to get the access ready for us, we will happily Insulate this for FREE and follow shortly after with a Free A rated boiler, Flue, wireless thermostat, and Magnetic filter

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