Boiler & Floor Insulation Grants

You will qualify for this funding if you meet the relevant Criteria

Must Own and Live in the house

• Boiler must be over 7 years Old

• Someone in the house must claim benefits, or Live in Conwy or Flintshire and qualify for their Flex scheme ( We can check this but you do not have to claim benefits)

Boiler funding is now financially more, if installed after a primary measure ( Floor, or wall Insulation)

The energy companies who fund this scheme are not keen on funding single measure Boilers any more, and offer much better funding if you install floor insulation first ( Or External or Internal Wall Insulation)

Floor Insulation is usually the only primary measure that can be installed for FREE, the other primary measures require significant contributions

If Floor insulation and a replacement Combi boiler is installed, they will both normally be FREE for both measures

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