Air Source Heat Pumps

How does an air source heat pump work?

Air Source heat pumps draw air from outside, to heat the water and heating inside the home, and work with external temperatures as low as -15 degrees
If you are off grid and use Oil, Lpg or Electric to currently heat your home, then the payback or reward for installing a heat pump  is fantastic.  They use electricity only to run the fan that draws the air from outside, and are classed as renewable energy as they are so efficient.
Heat pumps work by drawing in the Air using a fan, and absorbing the heat into a liquid, the fluid then passes through a compressor, and transfers the higher temperature liquid to the heating and hot water system in your home. Its a super efficient way of heating

Benefits of air Source Heat Pumps

Lower fuel bills, especially if switching from oil, electric or lpg heating.

Eco funding and government subsidies available to help with the cost of switching to renewable energy.

Lower home carbon emissions.

No fuel deliveries, no fuel tanks or storage needed.

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