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Most homes that are built now have double glazing fitted as standard, however, if you are interested in fitting double glazing in your home here are some of the benefits of double glazing.

Extra Home Security - If you incorporate modern secure window locking systems into your double glazed windows, doors, and patios, then you will increase the security of your home greatly. Along with the initial added security you will benefit from the lack of maintenance required, especially if the fittings are uPVC.

Save Money on Your Heating Bills - Probably one of the most well known advantages to having double glazing installed is that it decreases the amount of heat you lose from your home, and therefore can save you money on your heating bills. Now that fuel costs are so high, it is a good time to install double glazed windows in your home as the money you save in heating will mean the windows will start paying for themselves after time.

Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Home - As well as the insulating properties double glazed windows can significantly reduce noise levels in your home. Whether it is barking dogs, a loud radio, or a noisy lawnmower, no one likes noise pollution. If you live in a relatively noisy place such as a city centre with lots of traffic noise then double glazing would be a wise investment. If you live in a noisy area and are selling your property you may think of fitting it so any potential buyers aren't put off by the noise levels.

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